Loved and Found- August 10 2022

Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Send Gifts

Red and Green Holiday Treats Gift Box

Sending Corporate Gifts in the Fall will make an Impact

As the summer months come to an end and the autumn decor fills the shelves in stores, our studio is getting excited for the fall season ahead. Like most, we are delighted with the cooler weather, spiced scents, quality time with friends and family, and all things cozy. Over the past years of gifting, we have come to notice that fall is a great time to send corporate gifts in lieu of Holiday gifts for many reasons, and here are a few:

Advantages of Off-Season Gifting

Holiday Treat Gift Boxes

You Will Stand Out

We LOVE holiday gifting, but gifting off-season keeps you top of mind because no one is expecting it. And who doesn’t love surprises! It's without a doubt that individuals receive many gifts during the holiday season - set yourself apart by sending gratitude and appreciation before the busy month of December. 

Corporate Client Gift Box with Customizations

Unique Autumn Themes

Creatively themed gift boxes are a great way to keep clients, employees, and prospects engaged. Some of our favorites include picnic in the park, the great outdoors, Halloween, game night, and cozy night in. We love working with the unique themes our clients come to us with to create one-of-a-kind gifts that set their brand apart. 

Black Deluxe Linen Gift Boxes with Foil Branded Logo

Staying Connected During the Slower Months

There is something intentional and impactful about sending gifts during a time when it's not expected. Let your employees and clients know you appreciate them before the rush of the holiday season. 

Black Deluxe Linen Gift Boxes with Foil Branded Logo

Get the End-of-Year Gifts off Your Plate Early

It’s no surprise that the month of December is the busiest month of the year (not only for us, but for you too), so get ahead on your gifting game so you can sit back and enjoy the festive season ahead. By planning your gifting early, you’re less likely to run into product shortages and shipping delays (a bonus!).

Check out our Fall collection coming soon! Inspired by cozy scents and hues of the season, our new collection will spoil a variety of recipients. See something you like? Reach out to pre-order.