Loved and Found- August 08 2022

When to Start Planning for Bulk Holiday Gifting

Red and Green Holiday Treats Gift Box

What month should I start thinking about holiday gifting?

It may be 100 degrees outside, but our studio is already in holiday planning mode. Yep, you heard that right - the end of year celebrations are right around the corner and we are here to help you make sure you are on top of your corporate holiday gifting.

 It’s obvious that holidays are the busiest time of the year - not only for us, but for you! Planning your holiday gifting strategy ahead of time will ensure that your gifting expectations are met so that you can relax as the busy months arrive.

So when exactly do you need to start planning for your holiday gifts? Now! (In August, really?) Yes! And here’s why:

Top Reasons to Order Your Holiday Gifts Early

Holiday Treat Gift Boxes

Ensuring the availability and quantity of products

Most of our vendors market their holiday inventory as early as summertime. As the months get closer and closer to the Holiday season, products may become limited. Our goal is to help your gifting vision come to life, and that can become more difficult to do when product options or quantities become sparse. As many other companies, we are still facing supply chain issues and longer lead times. Orders placed sooner will allow more time for these delays to not be an issue. 

Corporate Client Gift Box with Customizations

Allowing time for customizations

The most important thing for us at Loved and Found is to make sure your brand is top of mind when gifting. Our studio specializes in branding and packaging customizations and there’s no doubt these special details set your business gifts apart from others! Some packaging and product customizations can take longer than others, and our on-call vendors book to capacity over the holiday months. 

Black Deluxe Linen Gift Boxes with Foil Branded Logo

Shipping times are unpredictable

The month of December is crazy for all shipping carriers. There are often delays that are, unfortunately, out of our hands. We do our best to ship your gifts with plenty of time to allow for these possible inconveniences. One way to avoid shipping delays is by sending corporate gifts out around Thanksgiving (or even the week before!) Not only will this set your business apart from others, but your gift will be appreciated by clients, prospects, and employees in a time where schedules are less busy. 

Loved and Found Branded Deluxe Gift Boxes

Our corporate calendar fills up fast!

It’s no secret the Holidays are a favorite time to gift our boxes and without a doubt our busiest time of the year! It’s surely our favorite time of the year because there are so many reasons for gifting - Christmas, Client Appreciation, Referrals, Holiday Parties, and End of Year Celebrations. Our studio starts booking holiday clients early in the summer months and we book to capacity. Be sure to get in touch for a spot on our corporate holiday gifting calendar!  

Allow us to help you cross gifting off your list early this year so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities!